Sprinkler Fitters Local 483 History

Prior to 1914, the Sprinkler fitters in San Francisco were members of a combination Local 442, along with the plumbers and gas fitters. In October 1914, San Francisco Sprinkler Fitters cleared into newly chartered Local Union 663.

In 1936, Local Union 663 returned their charter to the United Association and the members were then transferred to newly formed Local Union 669 Auxiliary.

January 1947, San Francisco was made an autonomous Local, known as Local Union 483, with the new Local maintaining the Auxiliary charter date of December 18, 1936.

Brother John Allan was Financial Secretary for the newly chartered Local Union and Brother Fred Hutchins was the president. Upon Brother Allans death in December 1947, Brother R.E. Skillman took over as Financial Secretary. "Bob" remained in office as Financial Secretary/Business Manager of Local 483 until his death in 1974.

At that time, Brother Lloyd Barton was appointed and then elected to fill those positions. Lloyd remained in office until his retirement in 1994. Brother Carl Lembke was Business Manager/Financial Secretary from July 1994 through June 1995. Brother Stanley Smith was Business Manager/Financial Secretary from July 1995 through November 2021.

Brother Jeffrey M Dixon is the current Business Manager/Financial Secretary. Business Representatives include Dylan Boldt, John Medina and Dan Torres. Local 483's Organizer is Daniel Mangan and Market Development Representative is Rik Drury.